Thursday, December 21, 2017

Little Dragons Crochet Pattern

This pattern now available in my Etsy Store  and on Ravelry

Pattern difficulty: Intermediate
Finished dragon will stand approx 8cm high at the shoulder and be approx 39cm in length with tail outstretched or 22cm with tail curled forward if using a 4.25mm hook. Body will be about half the length of the tail (15cm) unless the tail is shortened by omitting the rows described in the important
information section.
This pattern has many pieces you can mix and match to create your own unique little dragon. There are four dragons shown after the pattern for those who want examples with their customisations listed beneath them.
Copyright Notice
This book and all of the patterns in it are subject to copyright. Copyright belongs to Melanie
Nordberg of WitchWolfWeb Creations. Items made with this pattern may be sold but selling,
giving away or distributing the patterns or parts of the patterns including any images used in
this book in any form is prohibited under copyright law. You may freely share photos of your
finished work.
This pattern is one of many to be included in the Here Be Dragons: A Collection of Dragon-Themed Toys, Accessories and Decor for you to Crochet and Customise  Pattern Book. If you enjoyed this pattern, please consider buying my book when it becomes available – watch my blog at: for release details and where to buy. The e-book will contain this pattern along with several other dragon-themed patterns. It will also contain patterns for habitat squares and props specifically designed for the Little Dragons plus two more examples. I will be posting details on my blog as they become available. Buyers of this pattern will also be eligible to receive a 10% discount through approved sellers.

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