Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bastet Portrait Chart.

The Egyptian goddess Bastet or Bast was often portrayed as a cat-headed humanoid or as an actual cat, usually adorned with gold and jewels. I hope you enjoy the chart. As it is quite large (78 stitches x 84 stitches).

Bastet Square Chart

for cross stitch and crochet colourwork
80 x 80 stitches

Bastet Knitting Chart

60 x 80 for knitting

Two-Colour Square Chart

suitable for cross stitch, crochet colourwork and filet crochet
80 x 80 stitches

Two-Colour Knitting Chart

suitable for knitting and double knitting

PDF contains nine zoom charts


  1. This is a gorgeous chart! Such a beautiful hommage to the goddess Bastet! Thank you

  2. I`ve searched for a Bastet crossstitch and your`s is simple and the most beautiful chart I`ve seen! I`ll definatle try to stitch it!

  3. any hope of one for filet style? i would love to do a pillow and bedspread in this...

  4. Hi everyone :)
    I will be happy to convert this to a filet crochet chart and a knitting chart. I will look at doing this soon.
    Kindest regards,


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