Friday, August 9, 2019

Chart Information, Help and Terms of Use

Chart Information, Help and Terms of Use

I am in the process of adding proper knitting charts to my designs. They will be added into the PDFs or posted to the appropriate page as they are completed.
If  creating a knitted item using the square charts, the end result will be slightly wider in proportion as knitted stitches are wider than those used in cross stitch. (See below):

Angelfish knitted using a square chart

Angelfish in cross stitch using the same square chart.

You may also use any of the two-tone charts for Filet crochet. In this case, each white square would represent an empty space or mesh and the black or coloured square would be a filled block, but you could also do this in reverse if you wanted to. Below is an excellent page on how to start the Filet crochet starting chain:

For normal crochet, each square can be either a slip stitch, or a single crochet - again the result will be different depending on which one you use.

I have embedded some videos below that will teach you the basics of filet crochet, intarsia, stranded and double knitting.

Double Knitting Basics

Flat Tapestry Crochet


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